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I lit it just before sundown, because tonight is the solstice, and I am celebrating the way I do every year now. Stay up all night with a candle lit against the dark, while feasting and singing and generally enjoying myself.

I've already gotten some of the singing out of the way, I sang through the whole of Handel's Messiah. Some bits go better than others. Maybe someday I'll actually learn it all, but it's always fun to try.

I've also gotten a bit of the feasting done, I had a "breakfast" just after lighting the candle of apples and triple cream brie. (Tonight the diet is out the window for certain.) I am looking forward to a hefty midnight lunch of salami, prosciutto, and assorted cheeses, and probably either home-made eggnog, or ginger cider.
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After shooing the cat out of my lightbox, I got some pics of my latest PYO. It's another watercolor one, doing a little bit more experimenting with what I can do with it. (You can't antique with it, exactly, but I got a sorta similar effect this time. Needs more experimenting to perfect, I think.)

It's very loosely based on a kingfisher and a flame-point siamese cat.

It's also for sale, $140. I'm willing to throw in free shipping in the USA too. Just drop me a line if you're interested.

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Of course plans arrived at at 3am while up with insomnia are probably plans that should be examined carefully after a good night's sleep. Still... I do have a plan, and I think it should work. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!
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(Click for larger.)

One watercolor with a touch of interference gold, one acrylic with interference blue. :3 Both came out really nicely, though I have to say that the acrylic one is my favorite of these two.

Also, I really like the kittygriff sculpt. It's small and simple enough that I can whip out an idea much faster than I can on the big griffin, but still big enough to not make my eyes cross trying to do teeny fiddly details. And the price isn't bad either, it's the second-cheapest Windstone PYO. (Tied with the muse, which I like as an idea but don't like to paint, and the kitsune which I LOVE to paint and will be posting eventually.)

PYOs are found here:
I want to paint them ALL. I still haven't painted the Foo family, or the big dragon. Or the winged bookends, but they thrill me less. I've painted lots of wings already on things that weren't disembodied. Although I do like the level of detail they have, and I'm sure I could do some lovely things with them, but really I can do the same lovely things on griffins and flapcats and winged wolves and so on too.
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I discovered that it's possible to paint Windstones (or anything!) with watercolors. All you need is Golden brand absorbent ground, which turns any surface into watercolor paper, basically. It's awesome! Have some pictures of my first attempt at it.

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It was an interesting concept and some solid storytelling, wrapped in a saccharine candy-coating of exaggerated feels, with a dusting of dubious science, and drenched in a sauce of mush-brained pseudo-philosophy, all of which could have been cut by at least 20% and probably would have kept my attention quite a bit better.

I do generally recommend it, but science nerds are going to get some eye-rolling in, and they really do try way too hard to make the audience cry sometimes. The plotline had legit feels that belonged there, but it just kept shoving them into our faces instead of just letting them happen.

Also, I really hope they were trying for the 2001 homage, otherwise it'd be kind of unoriginal in places...

Anyway, overall score: enjoyable, but it could have been great if it had been a little better done.
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So various circumstances mean I need some quick cash, (not an emergency or anything, just stuff I decided I needed more than I need plushes) and these are the most valuable plushes I own, so I'm selling them. They are all SUPER hard to find. Seriously. All of them come from Japan except the giant Eevee, which could only be won at carnivals and fairs and things. None of these have ever (or will ever) be available from any store in the USA. I have spent years slowly collecting them, including actually importing some of them myself.

Anyhow! I will be listing any that don't sell now on ebay next week, but I thought I'd save you (and me) some trouble and give people a chance to just buy them without bidding here.

Prices are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one thing. Additional photos are available on request. FREE shipping is included inside the USA, and outside the USA we can negotiate some shipping deals, but there may still be some cost, especially on the larger plushes.


Canvas Espeon $100

Canvas Eevee $100

Canvas Umbreon $120

Canvas Flareon $150

Canvas Jolteon $180
This is nearly impossible to find. I traded a life sized, hand made Growlithe plush to get this thing.

Chibiterasu e-capcom pillow plush $250
The only one of these I can find for sale anywhere wants nearly $500 for it! Holy cow. They were a limited edition tie-in for the Okamiden game, only sold in Japan. Even at the time they were something like $100 each, and I had to arrange for somebody in Japan to buy it for me and ship it to me, which as you can imagine wasn't cheap.

Life size Eevee $100
This is probably actually the easiest to find of all of them, but you have to worry about bootlegs that will look like utter derp. Mine is guaranteed legit!

Giant Play by Play Eevee $200
Impossible to find. Seriously. The smaller, 16" version pops up now and then, and the stupid little keychain ones are readily available (I have one of those too! I can throw it in with this if you like, but it is the derpiest Eevee I've ever seen.) but when I was looking for this, I spent months and months searching, and only ever saw one for sale besides this one, and it went for a LOT.

A good day

Nov. 8th, 2014 11:54 pm
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I should post about my good days, and not just whine about my bad ones.

Today has definitely been a good day.

We had brunch (with a gift card, so it was free!) at a seriously swanky restaurant where I had this amazing thing with sweet potatoes and squash and poached eggs and some kind of creamy chili sauce and peanuts... It may sound a bit odd, but it was AMAZING. (Also the diet thing has really kind of worked for me, because I didn't even finish it and I felt stuffed. I took some home for later.)

Then we went hiking to a place called Tamolitch pool. Google it and look at the images. GOOGLE IT NOW. Look at that! Isn't it fricking amazing? It looked just like that in real life. It is the place where a river that has vanished underground comes back up again. It was just... wow. I want to go back during the summer and jump right in. (A couple of very crazy young men actually did jump in while we were there. They screamed and climbed right back out again. Water from underground is cold, and today was not exactly hot.) The whole hike was great, and now that I'm only carrying about 15 extra pounds instead of 40, it wasn't even tiring, it was just awesome. Plus hiking means extra calories in the budget for food, which I definitely used up. Nomfoods. (Also we were talking about stories and tropes and sci-fi and things and I had a fun idea for a Pony/Culture crossover story. It needs huge amounts of fleshing out, as it's not really a plot, just a concept, but maybe I'll do it someday.)

Then after that we came home, and showered (and, ah... had sexyfuntimes) and then went over to the inlaws' for gameday. JJ's half brother shot two elk last week, so dinner was elk tenderloin sandwiches. They were fricking delicious. We are going to eat more elk tomorrow. Nom.

Also our guys kicked the snot out of their guys in the game, so that was good. Though I have never seen so many injuries, on both sides. They had a quarterback out, and I think at least one other guy, and we lost several of our best players, including the center, which was not exactly good; his replacement was kinda wobbly in places. One of the injuries on our side was really bad, too :( But hopefully we'll still win the rest of our games, there are only two left in the regular season, if I'm looking at this right, and neither of them should be super hard. Hopefully at least a few of our injured guys will be back in for them.

But anyhow, it was really a fantastic day, overall.
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Here's my latest Windstone paint job:

I'm selling this guy for $150. I'm also selling the previous two I posted. The willow kirin is $130 and the fire muse is $80. (Muse price is negotiable, other two are more firm.)

Lots more pics of all of them can be found here:


Nov. 4th, 2014 10:15 pm
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Burned the HECK out of one finger with hot glue just now. I am a wuss, but it is agonizing. So done with work for today. Done with typing too, I have to do it one handed.

I did finish another Windstone before disaster struck, though. Will post pics soon.

(Side note of amusement: it's my middle finger so I am kind of perpetually flipping everything off right now.)
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I'm getting back into doing PYOs again. Here's two I finished recently. (The fire muse I started like... three years ago. The kirin I bought recently, because I HAD to try painting the new, fancy version. The old ones had plain scales, but I love the new, more ornate scales.)

Anyhow, have some pics.

Now, what to paint next? I have a plain kirin, a small dragon, and two gryphons sitting around without paint...

(P.S. I do take commissions for custom paint jobs on these things.)


Oct. 25th, 2014 02:58 am
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What is it about depression that makes me want to write terrible poetry?


Oct. 9th, 2014 10:33 pm
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I didn't do any work today. I couldn't find any energy to do so. I spent all day doing this, instead, because I needed to do something and this was a thing I could do. (Click for larger pics.)
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Ron (the cat) is at the vet's overnight for care. There is at least some chance he won't make it. If he does make it through the night, he still may not have much chance of a normal, healthy life, he may just have a very bad infection, but a lot of his symptoms are neurological, which is... not good.

I really hope it turns out to be fine. I really do. One of the two vets we talked to was somewhat optimistic, the other was talking about brain tumors and needing MRIs and things...


Aug. 4th, 2014 03:59 pm
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I'm back from Bronycon. It was a ton of fun, and also fairly profitable, which is good. :3 I'm looking forward to going again next year.

Just as an FYI, my upcoming con schedule includes Rainfurrest next month, BABScon 2015, Everfree NW 2015, and Bronycon again in 2015 as well.

Right now I am dead tired after the crazy schedule I kept to prepare for two huge conventions in a row, so I am taking at least a few days off of work. When I start work again, I'll be finishing the last of my dragon kickstarter rewards, getting a few small commissions off my plate, catching up on one very overdue project, and then diving right into prep for Rainfurrest, which means making tails, tails, and more tails. If you're going to be at Rainfurrest, feel free to suggest tails you'd like to see for sale there!
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Here's a quick snap of the showpiece plush I've made for Bronycon.

I'm finishing a Chrysalis that is smaller but hopefully epic right now, and then tomorrow I pack everything up, and fly out on Wednesday.

See you there if you're going. :3 Otherwise, see you on Monday night when I get back.
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If you're attending Bronycon and you'd like to buy something at my booth, please bring cash! I will have a Square reader on me, but probably only on the last day, by which time I may be out of whatever it is that you wanted, and the Square reader can be unreliable in a crowded building where the signal is over loaded, so do not depend on it. (I can also take paypal, if you have a smart phone with signal and can show me the confirmation screen, but once again this can't be relied on.)

Always bring cash to conventions. It's not only a way to make certain that a technical difficulty doesn't prevent you from getting that awesome thing you always wanted, it's also a good way to control your budget. Bring what you can afford to spend, when it runs out, stop buying. (But budget generously. Hand made goods aren't cheap!)

So once again, if you're planning on buying something from me at Bronycon, you NEED to bring cash, as I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to take any other form of payment at the convention.

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Well, I'm back from Everfree. It went fairly well, though I sold a little less than I'd expected, but I did do well enough to keep me financially afloat, so that's good. And hey, the leftovers will be going to Bronycon, which is my next big event. That's probably good, because I have basically three weeks to sew an entire new batch of stock to sell there. I thought the last few weeks were crazy, but this is going to be scary. I expect to have absolutely zero free time until the convention is over.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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