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I was waiting on getting the mane six done so I could get a group photo, but it's probably going to be after Christmas as this point, so I decided not to wait. So these are all up for sale. :) $35 each, plus $4 shipping inside the USA and $6 shipping outside it.

I can also make custom pony Loonakits, of any FiM character or any OC pony. Also $35 each, just know that I won't be able to sew them until January, most likely.
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Since I'm moving I'd just as soon ship these out before I go. I have a big box of scraps that includes fur fabric, minky, and foam. I'd send it for just the cost of shipping, but shipping is going to be like... $20 or something.

Pic of the fur scraps here: Foam is upholstery foam. Minky is minky. :D

Oh, while I'm at it, I'm selling some pokemon stuff:

A dragon tail cheap:

And a bunch of fox tails:
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I have space for one plush to be finished by Christmas. (Full featured plush, that is, I can fit in quite a few Loonakits, I'll announce a last call for Christmas Loonakits sometime in November.)

If anybody wants it, plush slots start at $100 for a basic foot tall/long plush, and go on up from there. You can comment here or drop me an e-mail to
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These are all that remain of 20+ fox/coyote tails I took to Rainfurrest. :) But these too need a good home! They are 30 inches long, all made from good quality fur. $40 each shipped anywhere in the USA, and just $5 more to ship anywhere else in the world.

And I am FULL for Halloween commissions, so if you want a Halloween tail from me, bying a premade is currently the only way to get one. :) (I do have a few other species premade right now, besides the foxes/coyotes, but not that many. It was a good con.)
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I've got so much going on that I'm already nearly booked up for October for small projects! If you want an ear or tail set for Halloween, you should order asap to ensure I get it done in time.
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All right. So I've confirmed the sad truth that custom plush auctions are getting pulled from ebay. :( I don't want to just slap a price on this and put it on etsy though, as I honestly don't know what people will pay for it. On the one hand it's a frigging TWO FOO TALL LUNA. (zomg!) On the other hand it's a prototpye and it's pretty darn derpy. And on the one hand I needed to do it for another commission I'm getting paid for, but on the other hand I'm $800 in behind on my financial obligations right now so I need all the money I can get. Ergo an auction is really the best thing, you guys can decide what you want to pay, and I can get paid as much as it's worth.

So! The auction is being held HERE!

For those of you who haven't participated in a livejournal auction before, here's how it works:

1. To place a bid please post a comment replying to the current high bid with your bid amount. Comments replying to the post or to other comments are not valid bids. If you do not have a livejournal account, you can comment using a facebook account, twitter, google, etc.

2. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU MEAN IT. Yes you can delete comments, but I can SEE when you do that. Just like any auction site, a bid is a contract. I WILL RE-POST DELETED BIDS.

3. The auction will end in one week, on August 31st at 5pm pacific time. Please do NOT snipe. As livejournal doesn't have a second counter, I don't feel sniping is fair or practical, so any bids in the last 10 minutes of the auction will extend the auction time another 20 minutes past the end to give people time to counter-bid.

4. If you win, I accept paypal, check, or money order. :) Shipping will be in addition to the winning bid. I ship as cheaply as possible, but remember this is a TWO FOOT TALL LUNA. It will cost a bit, especially if you're overseas.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. :) Just don't post questions as a response to the current high bid, please reply to the post to start a new thread for them.

Thank you all!

She is made from minky, although I will note that the nap of the fabric runs the wrong way on a lot of the pieces. *cough* Yeah. :) Still, very soft and cuddly. She is two feet tall not counting the horn, so she's pretty darn big. She stands pretty well, though her back legs tend to slide around a bit. Eyes are felt, hair is minky too. Cutie mark is also minky, and is sewn in, not glued on.

Click here for pictures of Luna )
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Photos under here )

Also, I sort of accidentally Umbreon. I was half way through sewing it when I remembered it was supposed to be shiny. I hate unpicking stitches, so I just finished it anyhow, and then made another one. Anybody with $30 can take this little guy home today. He's found a home. :)

More pics later today. :)
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I just got a very bad letter in the mail. :( Apparently something got screwed up at tax time and I owe the IRS some money.

My large plushes and fursuits are booked pretty solid, but I have space on my project list for quite a few small projects right now, so I thought I'd have a Loonakit sale. ALL Loonakits, pokemon, other fan characters, original characters, animal species, random weird colors, all of them are $20% off.

I wish I could offer them even cheaper than that, but if I'm not making an actual profit on them, then holing a sale doesn't do me any real good. :( Anyhow, hopefully some folks will be interested.

What 20% off means in actual numbers:

Random Loonakits (made however I feel like from whatever colors I have in the scrap bin, you can request a favorite color/color scheme) - formerly $15, now $12

Animal and original character Loonakits (any species any character, more complicated designs will cost more) - formerly starting at $25, now starting at $20

Pokemon and other fan Loonakits (No Disney characters, some Pokemon may not work well as a Loonakit, but most can be done) - formerly starting at $30, now starting at $24

Deluxe Loonakits (with legs! And noses!) - formerly starting at $40, now starting at $32

Paypal preferred, check, money order, or cash at your own risk all accepted. Loonakits take around 3 weeks to make, but if I a get a ton of orders some of these may take a little longer. Loonakits are made from minky or faux fur, always soft and cuddly. :) Loonakits are about six inches across. Shipping is not included in these prices, but they're small enough to ship in a padded envelope anywhere in the USA for just $4, and anywhere overseas for just $6.

Edit: I have seven orders place right now, which is enough that any more will definitely take more than 3 weeks to make. The sale is still going on, but I just thought I should mention. :) Thanks to everybody who's ordered so far!
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Well, a certain customer who I've ranted a bit about in private already has backed out of the deal for the Leafeon, leaving me short a good bit of cash and with an extra Leafeon taking up space on the couch.

Anybody who wants to take it off my hands can buy it outright for $300. This is a one of a kind 1:1 scale Leafeon, made from minky, very soft, cuddly, and awesome. And huge. And did I mention awesome? I'll even throw in free shipping. Even if you're overseas! And these things do not ship cheap, lemme tell you. That's like getting $50 off right there.

Scroll down a few entries to see photos. :)

If it doesn't get bought outright in the next day or two I'll be putting it up for auction probably next week some time.
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Well, that didn't take as long as I thought it might.

Anyhow. Here's the deal. My husband is probably losing his job. I'm currently burnt out and even if I weren't I'm not sure how much more work I can pile on, so money is sort of tight right now. Thus, I've decided to sell better than half of my pokemon collection. I didn't just weed, I cut out everything that I could bear to part with at all.

So here it is, tons and tons of stuff, including more than a dozen pokedolls, oodles of Zukans, and misc. plush and figures.

Also, three more things:

Thing ONE

I'm still taking Pokemon Loonakit commissions. They start at $30, though most Pokemon will be $35-$50. Quick turn around time, total adorableness, affordable prices. What more could you want?

Thing TWO

I'm also still taking bead sprite commissions. Starting at $5 each. :D Actual price varies depending on the size of the sprite image being used, but all pokemon have at least one sprite that can be done for the $5 price. :)


Just because I'm broke doesn't mean I never want to collect again. It just means I can't buy things. No reason why I can't trade. I've gotten rid of my Pokedolls, but I'm still collecting canvas plush. If you have a Pokemon Canvas plush not in that picture, I'm probably interested in it. :) I'll trade Loonakits for any of them, and full-size plushes for the rarer ones. Trades take time, I work on them on my day off, so you'll be waiting several months at least, but if you don't mind that, I'd be happy to trade with you.

I think that's it. :) Will be cross posting this over on that other community probably tomorrow, but I always let my watchers have first stab at these things.
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Had a trade fall through, so I am posting three Pokemon Loonakits for sale.

They're super-soft minky, about six inches tall, and are $35 each, plus shipping.

Larger/more photos available here:

Questions welcome.


Jun. 8th, 2011 08:06 pm
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Here's what I've been making today.

They're skullcat Loonakits. :) Just an idea I had, that I had to follow up on. They're for sale, $15 each.
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I've decided to stop doing all my pokemon plush by auction. I am planning on cutting down on full size plushes, I don't know if/when I'll ever take new commissions for those, but I'm going to open up Loonakits. Just Loonakits, nothing else, but you can just plain old commission a pokemon Loonakit now, no mucking about with auctions and all that. :) Loonakits don't bother me nearly so much on copyright grounds because they don't actually look anything like the originals. In fact they're even more fun for me because I get to do some real design work, which I love, in adapting pokemon to the Loonakit furball shape.

I won't be announcing this over in that certain community any time soon, as I already have used up my customs-related posts for the month, and a bit more (without meaning to, whoops) and don't really feel like pushing that by posting on the 1st. :) But hey, for you who have taken the effort to watch me, here's the reward. First dibs! XD So if you want a pokemon Loonakit, drop me a comment or sling an e-mail at Prices will start at $30, but do keep in mind that's for REALLY simple pokemon, anything with any sort of complexity at all (ie. most pokemon!) will be more like $40-50 and some of the really fiddly ones may be more.

Thanks for watching!

P.S. Will still do the occasional pokemon trade, but I'm trying to keep my trade list under control, so trades are closed for now.

P.P.S. Gotta love insomnia. Yay 5 am posts.
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As promised, I'm announcing this one here on my lj first. :)

I want to change how I do pokemon plush commissions a little bit. But in advance of the change I'd like to have an example of a small, traditional plush. Ie. it's not a Loonakit or a chibi, it's a fully-featured plush, but it's around that size. Price range for this kind of thing would ordinarily be around $80-$120, depending on the pokemon in question.

I want to do this as a trade. Ideally I'd get something from my grail list in exchange, however I realize that those items aren't commonly available (or they wouldn't be on my grail list) so I'd take other things from my want list as well.

Make me a trade offer. If I get more than one offer, I'll pick the best one. If I don't get any, I'll be posting this over on the pkmcollectors community where hopefully I'll get a taker.

Here's the list, grail stuff at the top: So comment with an offer and in 24 hours, give or take, I'll pick the one I like best. :)
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:) Ends tomorrow. I probably won't have more pokemon slots for a while, I'd like to clear out my backlog a bit before I take more.
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Since I finished the last chibi and large size pokemon in my queue, I thought I'd open up two more slots. :)

More examples are under the cut )

Bidding rules.

-NO TAKEBACKS. If you bid, you cannot delete your bid for any reason. Don't bid unless you mean it!
-Bid by replying to the current high bid. (Or by replying to my starting comment)
-No sniping. Bids placed at the last minute will extend the auction for another hour to give everyone time to place a final bid.

-The auction ends in one week, (Tuesday, April 26th) at midnight Pacific time.
-I do take payments, so you can feel free to bid yourself into debt if you like. :)
-Shipping will be in addition to the winning bid. The chibi will be fairly cheap, but the larger plush slot will be more expensive. If you're concerned about shipping costs, just let me know where you live and I can give you an estimate of how much it will be.
-The chibi will be finished in roughly a month. The large plush may take several months for completion.

P.S. Non-pokemon (original character) plush slots are also open, no bidding necessary. Just let me know what you're interested in getting, and I can give you a price quote.
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The auction with my unlimited Loonakit commission in it ends tomorrow.

For what you're getting, it's still a good price, I think. :)
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Two announcements. Firstly, I just finished another pokemon plush. :)

More photos under here )

But the really good news is that I have another Loonakit slot open. Unlimited, deluxe, pokemon, whatever you want so long as it's still spherical. :) It's part of a huge charity auction raising money for Japan.

Auction is here:

It's being held on The Dealer's Den, which is like furry-themed ebay without all the fees. :)

Questions about this are more than welcome, although I am not the one running the auction, I just donated a slot to it.
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Well, I've finished the previous pokemon Loonakit slot, so I'm opening a new one. Why? Because I said I would. :D

NO TAKEBACKS If you bid, you've bid, no deleting bids for ANY reason. Do not bid unless you mean it!
Please bid by replying to the current high bid.
Shipping will be extra, but is only $5.50 for priority.
I do take payments, so feel free to bid yourself into debt if you like. :)
The auction will end on Wednesday the 30th, one week from today, at midnight pacific time.
No sniping, last minute bids will extend the auction time.


Questions are welcome.

P.S. Non-pokemon (original character) Loonakit slots are open as well, no bidding necessary. :) Just drop me a comment if you want one.
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There's a large group charity auction being put together to raise funds for Japan. They still need plenty of help over there. I've donated a custom Loonakit plush (And yes I will make a pokemon, or anything else you like, for this particular auction) and there's lots of other good stuff too.

The actual auctioning off will start on April 4th. For now they're still looking for more artists to contribute. So if you're interested, nip over to and have a look.
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