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Well, the new shirts arrived today. Never got a shipping notice or any tracking info or anything like that.

I ordered a size larger (large) and they still are just a hair snug, I should probably have gone with a guy's shirt, frankly. :P

I was told they'd be printed on better quality fabric, but they're the same super-light-weight stuff, I can still see through both layers together if I hold them up.

Honestly, I give them credit for replacing my order when I wasn't happy with it, so I'm going to say it's good service, they get a pass on that front. And they didn't send any more stupid "free" crap, but the shirts are still basically undershirts like I get for $2 a pop at Walmart, so the $25 price tag is pretty darn absurd. Even with the cost of printing and a markup to make a profit, I feel pretty overcharged here.

So that's that, really.
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...hope rises again!

Welovefine has offered to replace the shirts, saying that they are switching to a higher quality fabric.

Assuming that I actually get them, and assuming they're wearable when they arrive, this will completely switch my opinion from "never buy from them again" to "satisfied customer" (Though not "happy customer", bit too late for that one, really. This aggravation hasn't been fun. But if the shirts are't crap I would consider buying from them again.)
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The shirts don't fit. I mean, I can put them on, but I look like one of those insecure/skanky women who cram themselves into something they should have stopped trying to wear years ago. :( It isn't flattering.

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My package was not only late (as I ranted about before,) but also mis-addressed, thus lost, and I finally got it today to find that it was also, frankly, CRAP. The shirts are thin, flimsy, low-quality material, and they included a bunch of useless junk freebies, which are not really free at all, given how expensive their shirts are ($25) and how crappy quality they are. I'd rather skip the posters, stickers, and ugly Barbie tote and have nice shirts!

So yeah. Can't recommend Welovefine at all. They kind of suck.


Jun. 23rd, 2011 04:02 pm
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Leafeon has sold. It actually sold last night before I went to bed. So a big fat thbbbbbbbt to crazy customers who don't know good work when they see it.
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Thought the one. People who are tech savvy really, really, really, really shouldn't condescend, or tell half-truths to people who are not. If you want to go there, your IQ is probably not any higher than mine, I've just applied myself to the humanities and not computer science. It's not just in my journal but all over the discussion of this I've seen tech people sneer down their noses at non tech people. Not all of them, but enough to really get my back up about the whole thing. Please stop doing this. Thnks.

Thought the second. I am not paranoid. I'm really not. In actuality a HUGE amount of my personal info is available to anybody who cares to look for it. But that is my choice. I do business under my real (ish) name because I choose to do so. I tell people how to find me at the Saturday Market because I choose to do so. I use my address and not a PO box when shipping because I choose to do so. I feel those choices are the best for my and my business, and after taking reasonable precautions for my safety, I feel secure in having made them.

So in actuality I don't really mind people knowing what city I live in. When I choose to tell them. Having that choice, or any choice about my personal information taken away from me pisses me the hell off. It is not right. My personal information is MINE. I made the choice, on many occasions, to leave comments on posts where I was told my IP address would be shared with certain people. That was my choice. I chose to make it possible for posters and moderators to find me if they felt they had a real need to do so. I did not choose, in any of those occasions, to have my IP address parsed out to directly tell those people my location. There is a difference between those two things, and having somebody else make that choice for me is completely unacceptable.

I hope that someday this will become recognized as proper privacy etiquette by website owners and other people who have access to my info. Right now it seems woefully misunderstood by all kinds of people. It is never okay to make privacy choices for somebody else. Not about anything. Not ever.
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The locations appear to be gone in community posts. Or at least the ones I've been checking to keep an eye on this.

Still no announcement or explanation from LJ, they just vanished as quietly as they came. Interestingly my community "test case" posts now don't show IP addresses either. I wish I could search for my own posts in communities... I want to check a variety of them and see if I can see IP addresses or anything in any of them, but I post to most of them so very rarely.
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When you comment in a community* the community moderators and the owner of the post you commented on can now see your location. Country, state, and city. Which means that people living in small towns who do things like... oh... call out a scammer on their scammy posts, for one example I've seen happen a lot, can now be found. Physically. Where you live. By people who might have a reason to go and hurt them.

You can't turn it off. You can't opt out. It doesn't draw from the fields you voluntarily fill in either, far as I can tell it's pulling the info from your IP address. And it's retroactive so every comment you've ever made in any community EVER now has your real location attached to it.

Bra. Fricking. Vo. Livejournal. Bravo. If anybody gets hurt because of this I hope you get sued into oblivion. This is almost enough to make me leave lj, permanently and for real this time, even though this is my primary internet "home" and social hub.

Morons. What the HELL were they thinking of when they did this? WHAT THE EVERLIVING HELL.

(And yes, I know that by posting people's IP addresses they've effectively been doing the same thing all along. But there is a big difference between "If somebody knows how and wants to go through the effort they can see where you live" and "HERE'S WHERE YOU LIVE FOR ANY IDIOT TO SEE RIGHT NOW, NO EFFORT REQUIRED." That kind of thing puts ideas into people's heads. It begs for abuse. It's just pleading for somebody to do something stupid.)

*Update: Apparently it's not all communities. Since I don't own any communities to test with I'm not sure what settings are required, I'm hearing conflicting answers from different people. There's some protesting going on in the latest lj news post, but it looks like most people haven't noticed the change yet. LJ itself has said nothing at all about this, neither notification it was starting nor defense of it continuing.

Update again: They've removed the feature. And there is a poll (and good comments discussion) about the IP logging here:

Update some more: Oh GODS I'm glad they removed this. It told people specifically when you move/go on vacation. Ie. if you post from a new spot it displayed (New location(Formerly Old Location)) That is such a bad idea that I can't even come up with words for how much of a bad idea it is! And it means that you can't retroactively proxy it to fix the problem, as it will then say (proxy location(formerly real location)) WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

Yay, one more update: "Generally, when you run an IP addresses (past and present) through a search engine, it defaults to the largest town within a certain radius, thus preserving some sense of anonymity. What is being broadcasted on lj, however, is much more specific.

In one instance I entered an IP address from location x into a search engine and it showed my location to be ~20miles from x. LJ reported my location to be ~5miles from location x. (And, incidentally, the town lj announces is not even shown on some road maps.)"

From a user's complaint on the well-hidden post from livejournal that mentioned this "feature" in passing. (Which I finally dug out.)

Now will people please stop treating me like I'm some kind of idiot and admit that I had reason to be concerned? Thanks so much.


Nov. 4th, 2010 01:23 am
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WTF Deviantart. Of all the places on the internet that I'd pick for forcing people into the gender binary, that would be the last one.

I don't get as upset as some when "male" and "female" are the only offered options, I'm actually perfectly comfortable with either one. But honestly... most sites I chalk it up to short-sightedness and the rareness of the gender-ambiguous, and that's why it doesn't bug me. People often just don't know that there are other options. DA really doesn't have that excuse. They know about this issue, there has been a lot of fuss about this issue. I can only conclude that they're bigots.

I guess it goes along with the "penis is porn but vaginas and lesbian sex are art" attitude.

Cue me becomming even less inclined to use DA than I already am.


Aug. 22nd, 2010 03:36 am
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If you hit on me, via IM or any other medium of communication, you will get blocked. I have public IMs for business only, and even if I didn't, I'M MARRIED.


P.S. I'm also not your shrink.


Jul. 20th, 2010 03:37 am
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Journal is going 100% Friends Only for a while. Sorry folks. Taking a break from pretty much everything for a little bit.

If you want to see my art, that's why I've got five galleries.

If you need to contact me, that's why my e-mail and IMs are public.
BladeTrethoniel (AIM)
spark_purple_dragon (Yahoo) (MSN)

Although my connection has started randomly disconnecting me from IMs lately, e-mail is always the best way to reach me. And please don't be offended if you IM me for casual chit-chat and I'm busy. I work a full-time job, just it's here at home and not at some office, is all. IMs are mostly for business purposes, not for random chatter.
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Before commissioning somebody for a fursuit, ALWAYS do your research.

And in particular, make certain you're talking to who you think you're talking to. It turns out that I might have an impersonator. Yes, there appears to be somebody going around, using the name Bladespark and showing pictures of my suits as examples, but they're not me. Not sure what happens if you commission this person, I heard about this third hand, apparently the person he/she approached turned him/her down because of horrible behavior and an absurd price quote. But I'd kind of suggest not commissioning somebody unless you're sure who they are!

How do you do that? I'd suggest you go to the real maker's actual website, and find their actual contact information (and if it doesn't match, there you go) and contact them and make sure they're really who you're dealing with.

A google search should turn up the legit site first. :) "S. Park fursuits" turns up me, for example.

(And now I know I've hit the big time. I've got an impersonator. XD )

A warning

Dec. 15th, 2009 06:30 pm
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I debated about posting this in public, but since the moderator involved has taken to deleting things, I've decided I might as well make sure my side reaches as many people as possible.


There's a new furry writing forum around. They don't seem to be doing much to advertise it, but on the off chance you folks hear about it, I thought I'd let you know...

That you can get banned, without any warning, without having broken the rules, for making a joke that the moderator doesn't like. is the place.

The joke was "It's dead Jim" in a thread about how to get new members, because a new one hadn't joined in some time, and there had been no new posts for four or five days. I was trying to be amusing and start up the discussion on how to get new people again.

Instead, I got banned. And sent a very ranty note, I might add, about how I was defying the moderators (not sure what I did that falls under that category, since, you know, they don't give warnings, just bans.) And that I was harming the forum. (Funny, that, I was THE single most active poster there...) And I think I was insulted, the mod called me a "weed." Which is new to me, but probably not intended to be polite. :P

So I suggest that unless you're happy with getting banned for anything and everything that annoys a mod, with no warning and no chance to explain yourself, that you stay far away from the place. It's probably going to die soon anyhow, since they seem pretty lousy at getting new members, and pretty good at driving active members away.

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