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If you get it take a geek point. :) And yes, it's a terrible pun. I'm sorry. But once I had the idea, it had to be done.

This has nothing to do with Disney, My Little Pony, Newgrounds, or anything else at all in any way. It relates to two things only: Companions, and cubes. (Yes that's a hint. If you don't get it now, you probably lack the correct referents.)
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I got some of those Christmas cards from relations, the ones with pictures of the whole family and stuff about their lives. If I'd thought of it I totally would have sent one out with pictures of the snakes and cats. XD Here's some snake photos I just took. Anthony, up top, is nearly four feet long now! He's no longer obese the way he used to be, since he's started being a more fussy eater, but he's still a nice healthy snake. Badger is getting brighter orange with every shed. He used to look like this. I didn't take out Gertrude, she's been being fussy and not eating, so I'm trying to disturb her as little as possible these days, since stress is a possible cause. Though more likely is that despite it being warm enough in here, she's trying to hibernate. She was wild caught last spring, so she no doubt knows that it's winter. I imagine the warm "weather" in the house is confusing her a bit.
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This year was pretty darn epic. XD
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Some of you may know [ profile] harliquinnraver. She and I have been friends for a long time. She also makes fursuits, and a few months ago we started discussing a possible joint venture. Which we can now unveil! We'd been waiting on the completion of our mascot, which took a long time and a lot of work, it's once of the nicest peices either of us has ever done.

Announcing the opening of Golden Laughing Dragon Studios.

Your new and amazing source for all things fursuit-related. Go take a look!

And right now we're offering a special deal. Folks we have friended on livejournal can get 25% off of our quality products if they order today.

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