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I'm back from Rainfurrest. And checking my bajillion e-mails and things that piled up while I was gone. I didn't end up connecting to the internet at all at the con. I had a good time though. :)
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Dunno about the wiser bit, but definitely older.

Thank you to everybody who wished me happy birthday. :) It was a good year for b-day wishes, I got quite a few.
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Random question time!

Bears? Or owls?

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Give me the following:

A male name. Can be fantasy, silly, normal, whatever.
A color.

All shall be revealed in time.

Name and color have been chosen. :) Thanks!
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I've started occasionally dropping by the local asian market. It has many delicious things! But with so much of the text in languages I don't speak, finding new things is, uh... quite an adventure. So I thought I'd ask for suggestions. What delicious asian goodies do you guys know of?

I already know of pocky (of course!) and mochi (am eating some right now!) and ramune, and botan candy, but not much else. So what should I look for next time I'm there?
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Anybody reading this do, or know somebody who does, custom embroidery? I need a pair of patches. VERY simple design, about six inches across. Willing to pay or to trade sewing/art for them.
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What the title says. If you still watch this journal, comment. I'm kind of curious how many of you there are actually paying attention. LJ says there are a lot of you, but most of you are pretty quiet.
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Has anybody reading this ever used If so, what did you have printed, and how did it go?


Nov. 5th, 2009 03:35 pm
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Is anybody tired of seeing all these dragons? Should I just post them to FA only and not here?

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