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What more could anybody want?

I've uploaded another chapter of The Spark to Light a Candle. Five chapters thus far, and my highest rated story thus far. :) I will confess to liking the star-rating system a little bit better when I get good ratings. (Though I still am not sure about the whole "getting a grade" thing, I never liked it as a kid. Except of course when I got straight A's. :D So nothing has changed, I guess.)

FA link to the new chapter:

FimFiction link:


Aug. 29th, 2011 12:55 am
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I just put up a new chapter of The Spark to Light a Candle.


Aug. 18th, 2011 02:04 am
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Just in case anybody here doesn't already follow me on Furaffinity or FiMFiction, I should mention I'm in the middle of posting a new Ponyfic.  Three chapters are up now.  I promise I'll finish it soon.

Fic stuff

Aug. 13th, 2011 03:16 am
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I keep getting mixed reactions, but I guess I shall go forward nonetheless. I finished In the Eye of the Storm, and I personally have quite enjoyed writing it. I hope at least some of you enjoy reading it.

(It is a Friendship is Magic/Heralds of Valdemar crossover, and intended mostly for fans of both settings.)
bladespark: (tard) <--this is a piece of Friendship is Magic fanfic. By me. This is, uh, not exactly like my previous attempts, to say the least. To give you some idea, it's tagged with kinky, salacious, and humor. :D May be less funny if you're not familiar with the show/fandom.

Edited to add: I officially think EqD is a bunch of stodgy prudes with no sense of humor now. This was rejected by the mods/prereaders for not being funny.
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I'd like opinions on a new fic. I have a prologue and one chapter, about 7k words total.

Catch is this time it's a crossover. FiM X Heralds of Valdemar. It *should* make at least minimal sense without having read/watched either, but it may be only minimal, I'm not really sure. Ideally somebody who is a fan of both could give it a look for me.

Anybody who's up for it can get tossed a link. I'm trying out so it's hosted over there right now, though I can move it to google docs if you prefer.


Jul. 18th, 2011 03:02 pm
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My story is up on Equestria Daily! That was actually super-fast, I am amazed!


Jul. 17th, 2011 02:08 pm
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I'll get around to uploading this to FA eventually. For now it's lurking on Google docs.

Pony fic. :D My first ever proper fanfiction, even.

I know I downloaded a Rarity icon, but obviously I never uploaded it to lj... ah well, too lazy to go find a new one right now.
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I need some beta readers. For pony fanfic, so if that's not your thing, that's fine. (Focused on Rarity, if that matters.)

Anybody up for it? Lemme know, I'll toss you a link to the story. It's short for me, a bit under 5k words. :) I'm looking for any kind of critique you want to give: just saying you liked (or didn't like) it, typo spotting, or more in-depth analysis. Mostly, mind, I just want to make sure there's nothing embarrassingly bad in it before I release it to the world. :) It might reach a slightly bigger audience than I'm used to, since the pony fan works sites are pretty active right now, and that has me paranoid.
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I'm sure some of you have given up on my ever posting writing again. But fear not! For there is more! And not only have I posted more writing, but it's the long-awaited conclusion to The Garden Maze! Woo hoo!

Now I just need to come up with some decent cover art for it, and post the full story in one file. I don't suppose anybody feels like drawing up one of the surreal scenes for me? Like maybe the koi tree? I know, asking for free art, how crass of me. But I just don't have time to do any of my own right now, so if it's waiting on me drawing something, it'll be waiting a long time.

Anyhow, meanwhile the full story IS up, just in a lot of little pieces. The latest of which (with a link to the beginning as well) is here:
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The Amazing Adventures of Roland the Indigo Dragon continue. :)

Read, suggest, vote, etc.
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I like you guys, at least I like the ones who actually read this thing. I like the ones who comment even better! :) So I'd like to be more involved with you, or let you be more involved with me, or whatever.

Thus, I'm starting a new project, for me it'll be something of a writing exercise. For you it'll be a chance to participate in the writing process. You've started already, because I put all the names and colors I was given (here and on Furaffinity, which is where this project will primarily run) and drew one out of a hat.

So in just a few minutes I'll be posting the first segment of The Amazing Adventures of Roland the Indigo Dragon. :D

What kind of adventures will Roland have? Well, that's entirely up to you guys.

Here's how the process works:

1. I post a story segment, you read it. At the end of the segment I'm going to ask a question about what comes next.

2. You comment to answer that question with an idea.
You comment in response to a comment already there and support somebody else's idea.

3. If there is one idea that gets put up by the most people/commented on the most, that's the idea that I'll pick, and I'll write the next segment accordingly.

4. If there is no clear winner amongst your suggestions, I'll write them all down and draw one from a hat, and then proceed as per step 3. :)

So this is not just going to be a "Choose your own adventure" style story, where I've plotted it all out ahead of time and you just get to pick which branch it goes down. No, the creative process is entirely in your hands. I'll just contribute the actual words, the plot is all yours.

The story is posted, the adventure has already begun! Click on the link below to read. I'll try to post regularly, though I know there will be occasional pauses in the tale. I hope you all will join and help me tell the story. Suggestion comments are valid both here and over on FA.

The Amazing Adventures of Roland the Indigo Dragon.

Edited to add one small rule:
Please do not suggest grand story arcs. JUST what happens right now.

Today your suggestion should answer the question "what is that sound?"

*Your idea must meet the above rule else I won't count it. Sorry!
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Give me the following:

A male name. Can be fantasy, silly, normal, whatever.
A color.

All shall be revealed in time.

Name and color have been chosen. :) Thanks!


Sep. 27th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Been posting some writing again. No porn though. :)

Might pick up my page-a-day website again at some point, but I really don't want to start posting a story there until I've completely finished it.
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Anyone who is in any way interested in the Caverns of Madness shared universe project, whether as an author/artist or just somebody who might want to read and maybe toss in the occasional notion, I now have a forum, and a chat room open.

The forum can be found here:

The chat room is on irc, on in #madness

If you have any difficulty using the form or finding the chatroom, I'll be happy to help. I think I have all the bugs out of the forum, but it's the first time I've installed a BB from the ground up, so I may have missed something.

More story

Mar. 17th, 2010 09:04 pm
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For those of you following Labyrinth of shadows.

I re-named it The Garden Maze, at Reiver's suggestion.
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On the skin of the world the races of light live and love, fight and die beneath the sun, moon, and stars. But there is another world beneath their feet. If you could sink down through the earth you would first find the land of earthworms and moles, full of animal burrows and networks of roots digging deep. This is the thinnest tissue covering the greater depths. Beneath it lies the realm of stone, where dwarven tunnels twist in search of gold, mithril, and gems. But deeper still there is another realm. A strange and dangerous place. When the dwarven tunnels encounter it, the dwarves block them up, no matter how rich the seam they followed there.

They call that place the Caverns of Madness.

The sunlight never reaches there, but it is not always dark. Fungi grow in great, luminous forests, lighting many of the deeper caverns. Strange insects twinkle like stars where they cling to the rock. And there are places with lights that are stranger yet. Caverns lit with a dim, sourceless glow that seems to come from the air itself. Caverns where apparent sunlight streams down as though the sky lay overhead, though miles of stone may lie between them and the world above. And other, less easily described places, where unspeakable colors cast indescribable lights and shadows on the cavern walls.

The inhabitants of this realm are many and varied. Most were born there, perhaps created by the bizarre ancient gods who are said to have made the caverns themselves. Some have crawled down from the world above, but those do not remain unchanged, and most such would not be recognized by their light-dwelling kin.

Some of the tunnels and caverns seem purely natural. Others have been built by sentient hands, or by things perhaps less sentient, colonies of mindless burrowers and builders like and yet profoundly unlike the ants, termites, and bees of the sunlight world. Those inhabiting any given area are not necessarily those who built it. The only constant in the Caverns of Madness is change.

Great civilizations have risen there, and fallen too. In some places vast, bustling cities fill massive caverns, or crawl through tunneled mazes like giant ant's nests. In other places abandoned cities lie fallen to dusty ruin, the debased remnants of their former builders living in squalor amid the fading glory of their ancestors. Hunting tribes of bizarre creatures roam from cavern to cavern, and sessile sages squat, glued to the stone itself. Anything and everything might live there.

The magic there is as twisted as anything else. In the surface world magic lies like a vast shallow sea, everywhere much the same. But in the Caverns of Madness magic itself has gone mad. Large areas may abide by the same rules, but the same spell, cast in two spots mere yards apart, might have two wildly differing results. What causes a fireball on the surface might cause a devastating explosion in the depths, or harmless foxfire, or a shower of fireflies, or a flood of gelatin, or any number of peculiar results. Any given area has its own rules, but the rules differ wildly from place to place, so no traveling mage can depend on his magic.

These, then, are the Caverns of Madness, a thousand tiny worlds, each with its own inhabitants, its own rules, and its own dangers. Explore them if you dare.

Yeah, I'm doing it. Collaborative world is GO. )

*crosses fingers* I really hope something fun and creative comes of this. I really, really do.


Mar. 16th, 2010 12:26 am
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Tiny bit more story is up.

Forgot to post this earlier.
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I seem to have written some more story. How strange!


I just realized I'd posted the last two of these friends locked, which I hadn't actually meant to. So anybody who didn't see the previous posts, here's part one: And here's part two:


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:46 pm
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I just posted a new story to FA. It's one that I only just finished writing, so it's never been posted anywhere else. Most of my FA writing account is re-hashing the Blood and Fire site, or the old Library, but there are a couple things on there not posted anywhere else.

The one I just posted, Maiden Fair. (It's another dragon-maiden-knight story.)

And Rescue, much darker but also a dragon-maiden-knight story.

I think everything else has been posted to my other story sites.

And I have to say that I'm having fun with the dragon-maiden-knight thing. Three of them completely finished now. The other three are all plotted out in broad outline, and all have been started as well, though only one of them has more than a page as yet. Hopefully I'll have that one done soon. :)

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