Mar. 24th, 2015 08:28 pm
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Back from the gym. It was the kind of day where I was pushing it a bit on every exercise, which is frankly fantastic. I feel slightly wobbly and just a bit high. :3 It is awesome.

I was talking about this a bit with JJ earlier today. It's an unfortunate side effect of stupid gender roles that until relatively recently it never occurred to me that I might love weight lifting. I was presented by society with the options of frilly girly-girl, or geeky, frumpy outcast, basically, so I picked the latter because I despised the former. Yet my childhood was really physically active, and I should have naturally been interested in things like lifting, even if I'm not social enough to love group sports, but I just... never though I'd like it. Even with how much I've tried to reject gender roles, I was still not examining the idea that weight lifting is for stupid, meaty jock men without two brain cells to rub together.

Not even! Lifting is the most mentally stimulating form of exercise I've ever run into. Everything else I've tried has bored me to tears. This is endlessly interesting, engaging, thoughtful, fascinating, and has made me aware of my body in ways I've never been before.

It's also basically saving my sanity right now, as it's all that's keeping me from sliding down into an endless pit of depression.

Wish I'd known about this ages ago.
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