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So I just got the final word from Everfree, and I won't be getting a booth there. I have to say I'm really disappointed. Personally, I very much enjoy Everfree, but I can't afford to go unless I'm selling. Business-wise it's a real blow, too. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, so for you guys this means a couple of things:

1. I you have commissioned me already and are on my project list, I can bump up one or two people into the now-empty space I've got over the next few months. So if you'd like to get your project done early, please contact me. There *will* be a rush fee of 15% of your total commission cost for this, though. (I can't bump up everyone, so charging a fee seems like the best solution. I mean, everyone may end up getting bumped a little, just in a chain reaction sort of thing, but I can't fit the whole next year's worth of people into this immediate completion space.)

2. I can also take one or two new commissions, (plush, fursuit, giant plush, whatever!) to be finished right away. So if you'd like to commission me and my usual year-ish wait time has been holding you back, you should jump on this now! As above, there will be a small extra charge for the fast completion time.

3. My webstore is open, selling most of the things I *was* going to be taking to the convention. A few of them are even already started, so they'd ship out even faster than usual. Please check it out. The prices there include shipping inside the USA, even, so they're a pretty good deal. No extra rush charges for these guys!

I'll be uploading some photos and plugging the store a bit over the next few days, as I'd really like to get more business through there.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about any of this!
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