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So I tried doing the non-humans too. Just kinda... trying to capture their personalities and to pick appropriate accessories. Some of them came out better than others.

Kitty Aidan. Even cuter like this. And this is pretty much exactly how one of his more common forms these days looks too. He's been playing with different ways of being feline quite a lot lately, I have no idea if he'll ever settle on just one.

Guardian didn't work out quite as well. They didn't quite have the right shade of purple, the skin tone should match the wings. Not that Guardian has wings, being an asian dragon, but they sort of get the "dragon" idea across, I hope. Guardian suffers no nonsense from anyone, so at least the expression is right. The hair... urgh. It should kinda be a crest on top? I tried a mohawk, but that just looked wrong. Guardian is not any kind of punk. (And I just noticed I forgot the change from the dreadponytail thing to the other ponytail. Dangit. Oh well.)

Andrew is disgustingly cute. The antlers aren't actually right, he's a... deericorn, I guess? There should be just one, symmetrical, in the middle. But this will do. Also, of course, he should have stupidly long fangs, since he's a muntjak. But this is close enough.

Here's Angel. She's meant to be a flame point siamese cat. Also I may have gotten her eye color wrong. I can never remember what it is. I'm not sure any of my writing with her specifies. It might be blue, or brown... but then again she's descended from Flame Song, who definitely had green... augh. Angeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel... what color eyes do you have? (And yes, more than half of us have wings. Don't ask me why, it's just a thing.

This expression is SO Yin. Ha ha ha ha. Though I'm sad they didn't have a huge grin like that with fangs. Yin is a wolf, of course. I wanted one of the full moon backgrounds, but hir hair vanishes into them. This high-tech-looking whatever it is will do, since shi's from a sci-fi setting.

And I went ahead and did Serapha. Like I said, basically just Aidan, but female. Well, maybe a little less broody and blushy and emo, so I gave her a little more of a smile.

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